Neuroscience and Clinical Practice

Dr. Robert J. MacFadden

Brain Webliography
This website provides resources and information about practical classroom applications of brain research.

Brain and Consciousness Research
A comprehensive website focusing on the mind and consciousness.

Brain Science Podcast with Dr. Ginger Campbell
Contains various resources a range of excellent podcasts on brain topics by authors and scientists

Bryn Mawr College
Brain and behavior resources and websites are available through this website.

Charlie Rose
An excellent series on brain topics in video.

Dana Foundation
The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives is a non-profit organization of over 280 leading neuroscientists dedicated to increasing public awareness of brain research. This website contains a wide range of high quality resources related to the brain for professionals and the public.

Dr. Eric Chudler’s Neuroscience Education Website
This website offers a wide range of information on neuroscience education including neuroscience content for kids.

Emerging Technologies (EmTech)
A detailed list of websites and resources relevant to brain-based learning is presented.

Harvard Medical School
This site contains the Whole Brain Atlas consisting of images of the brain including various diseases.

Head Injury Hotline
This website is devoted to journals, publications and research focusing on neuroscience and brain injury.

Psych Web
This is a section dedicated to neuroscience within a larger Psychological reference website.

The National Academies Press.
Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development
. This is a book published by DBASSE and the Institute of Medicine which explores the development of the child’s brain and the impact of early experience and social relationships.

University of Texas at Dallas
This site offers a series of online neuroscience lectures.

Wellcome Trust
This is a UK website that is targeted at Psychology teachers and students and contains content in areas such brain and body, senses, inside your brain, love and sex, memory, test yourself and brain changes. The lively site is designed so learners can involve themselves in various quizzes and experiments.

This is a website that features resources and content related to early childhood development for professionals and parents, including public policy content. There is a section on early brain development in children.

There are no known journals in social work and neuroscience. The list below highlights journals relevant to social work which sometimes feature neuroscience related articles.

Cardiff University
This is a website that offers a range of electronic journals that are focused on neuroscience.

Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology
This journal offers health and allied health professionals including social workers with original articles, and clinical reviews on a range of topics related to the neuropsychiatric care of aging patients.

Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions
This social work journal periodically features content related to neuroscience and addiction. The first volume (2001), issue 3, offered a special edition in this area.

Mind, Brain and Education
[ ]
This is a new (2007), award winning journal that offers articles from basic and applied research on learning and development, including analyses from biology, cognitive science, and education. It links biology, cognitive science and education.

This is a UK journal that has the goal of creating ongoing dialogue towards reconciling psychoanalytic and neuroscientific perspectives of the mind. Its advisory board is made up of neuroscientists and psychoanalysts.

Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience
This journal focuses on human and animal research that uses neuroscientific techniques to provide insight into the social and emotional aspects of the human mind and human behavior.

Social Neuroscience
Social Neuroscience offers empirical articles that focus on how the brain mediates social cognitions, interpersonal relationships, group and emotional interactions and other areas that deal with social and personality psychology.

American Journal of Bioethics
This is a major journal on bioethics which includes articles on neuroscience and public policy.

Nature Neuroscience
This is an international, multidisciplinary journal that periodically publishes articles that have public policy implications.

Neuroethics Society
[ ]
This is a newly developed society interested in the social, legal and policy implications of advances in neuroscience. Its mission is to promote the development and responsible application of neuroscience through interdisciplinary research and public engagement.

Society For Neuroscience
[ ]
Education and advocacy are central to the mission of this non-profit organization. SFN engages and informs policymakers about new knowledge from neuroscience including possible impacts on public policy and society.

Given the newness of neuroscience in social work, no online bibliographies in this area could be located. The author includes one at the end of this document. The bibliographic sites which follow reflect both general neuroscience bibliographies, and a range of special sites associated with social work interests such as parenting, education, autism, and ethics.

Committed Parent Website: Brain Development Bibliography by Mark Brady, Ph.D.

This is a list of neuroscience books that also permits purchase from the website. Descriptions of the books and an image of their covers are included.

[ ]
This is a list of books on cognitive psychology that also permits purchase from the website. Descriptions of the books and an image of their covers are included.

This is a list of books on neuropsychology and autism that also permits purchase from the website. Descriptions of the books and an image of their covers are included.
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